Monday, February 24, 2014


I may need to drop the doctorate program.  University of Phoenix has been giving me so many issues with the mentor process and search.  It's depressing the hell out of me and I am just contemplating of quitting.

The issues:

  • My mentor gave me zero feedback in DOC722 to prepare me for my residency, so I dropped him. 
  • I had to file a leave of absence and search for a new one because I dropped the course.  I only had until 3 weeks before the DOC722 restarts on March 18.  In other words, the deadline is today.
  • One prospective mentor was making me believe she would be my mentor but she's unavailable for another month.  
  • While I was search for a committee member, the professor that responded to me tried to con me out of $800 to edit my dissertation and claimed she was unavailable to be on my committee.  I later called my academic advisor to find out why that happened, and the advisor told me she would investigate the issue but since I have no evidence of it except from what I told her, there is little she can do but give a warning.
  • The mentor/committee search engine is faulty and makes students believe the professor is available.  This is due to a change on the professor's end and the system thinks the professor is available, when in truth they may not be.  I was seeing my prospective mentor on the search engine for several days and then sometimes not at all.
  • Mentors sometimes hold students to become their mentor and when a spot is available, they can add the student, but this is problematic if the student prolongs the dissertation or something else happens.
My options:
  • Extend the leave of absence one more week to look for a mentor.
  • Find a mentor today.
  • Take my next non-dissertation course.
  • (alternate suggestion I made) convert my credits into a masters program, if applicable.
My academic advisor told me today to contact an enrollment advisor about the last option.  The enrollment advisor is investigating my options, although he mentioned that my academic advisor should really be the one to do this.  I believe these are all unnecessary hassles when I am 58% done with this program.  I'm just not sure what I should do anymore because I am exhausted.